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Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

September 28, 2018 - Unfortunately, I need to share some bad news for parents of minor children: Could someone be using your child’s Social Security Number (SSN) to take out loans, file false tax returns or otherwise sully your angel’s pristine identity?

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Who Do You Trust?

September 14, 2018 — During my 30+ years as a financial professional, I’ve seen a LOT of change. Sometimes it’s breaking news. Sometimes, it’s more subtle. A recent subtle change is unfortunate. Not because of the change itself, but because of the reasons for it.

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You and Your Paycheck: To Have and To Withhold

August 31,2018 — In the wake of last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you may not discover whether your 2018 tax bill ends up higher or lower until you or your accountant start plugging numbers into the IRS’s new filing forms sometime after year-end. But there is one task worth crossing off the to-do list today: Is your employer withholding an appropriate amount for your taxes owed?

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You and Your Biases: The Blind Spot Bias Within

August 17, 2018 — I continue today with my periodic review of investors’ most dangerous instinct-driven biases. Today, I want to talk about blind spot bias. It’s perhaps the biggest bias around, because it explains why we still fall for all the rest of them (such as recency and familiarity, where we  favor people, places and events that are more recent or familiar to us) even once we’ve learned how they trick us. 

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Target Date Funds: Simple May Not Be Ideal

August 3, 2018—Employers are increasingly offering Target Date Funds (TDFs), in their company retirement plans. I understand their appeal. TDFs manage themselves and are easy to understand. They’re turnkey portfolios that start with a prefab mix of stocks, bonds and cash; they then automatically shift toward an increasingly conservative, 20% stock/80% bond & cash “target” allocation by a particular year.

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401(k) Plan Loans: Not the No-Brainer You Hoped For

July 6, 2018—In a past column, I covered how to make the most of your 401(k) when changing jobs. As a CPA, I hate to see anyone pay unnecessary taxes and penalties, so I gave that subject top priority. Today, I’ll take on another practice that is best approached with extreme caution: borrowing money from your retirement plan account.

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