COVID-19 Update

Alliant Wealth Advisors is an "essential business" under Virginia state law and we remain fully operational during the COVID-19 crisis.

To keep our clients, staff and colleagues safe we are currently holding all meetings via video conferencing. And we are alternating a small number of staff in our office while the majority serve you from their home.

Speaking of our office. Our headquarters in Prince William will relocate to the Signal Hill Professional Center at 9161 Liberia Avenue, Suite 100, Manassas, VA 20110 effective Monday, April 20, 2020.

Whether we are virtual or in person, we are here for you. Please keep safe.

Best Regards,

John Frisch, CPA/PFS, CFP®, AIF®, PPC®


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401(k) Solutions

The Consequences of Excessive Matching Contributions and the Truth About True-Ups

401k plan sponsors with a December 31 year-end date soon will be receiving their administrative plan testing results from Third Party Administrators. For employers who match participant deferrals throughout the year, TPAs will look to see that company matching contributions did not exceed promised levels. TPAs also will determine if sponsors may make true-up company contributions to participants whose total deferrals made them eligible to receive a higher match than they received due to the timing of their deferrals.

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How to Talk to Your Advisor about Financial Wellness

New Year’s resolutions made in January can become a mere memory in February. Financial fitness is one resolution that employers can help employees “keep”. It’s an important goal as we continue to grapple with COVID-19. A great partner to help you help your employees is the company 401(k) plan and a knowledgeable plan advisor.

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3(38) in 2021

2021 – there’s never been a better time for retirement plan sponsors to consider hiring an advisor who will accept delegation to serve as their 401(k) plan’s Fiduciary Investment Manager.

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Don’t be Haunted by Plan Fees

There are many frightening things in the world but reviewing 401(k) plan fees doesn’t need to be one of them.  During the month of October, employers sponsoring 401(k) plans may think it whimsical to look at the eerie ghosts, goblins and witches decorating public spaces but shiver at the specter of the U.S. Department of Labor and its strict requirement that 401(k) fees be reasonable.

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Have You Implemented the SECURE Act?

Time is running out.  Half of 2020 is over, and there are important portions of the SECURE Act that affect 401(k) sponsors . . . now!  Much of the SECURE Act took effect January 1, but many employers – overwhelmed as they reinvent business operations in response to COVID-19 – have been unable to focus on the ways the SECURE Act changes 401(k) plan management.  The checklist below presents the most essential SECURE Act provisions that sponsors need to know . . . now.

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