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Predicting Is NOT Investing (It’s Speculating) as Published in InsideNova.com

In a recent column, I covered why buying gold is more like speculating than investing. A pretty rock, gold doesn’t have or generate any intrinsic value other than what we humans are willing to shell out for it.

Today, I want to build on the notion of investing versus speculating. Even in our stock and bond markets, there are ways to be a speculator and ways to be an investor. Investors patiently participate in the market’s long-term expected growth. Speculators hope to “beat” the market by trying to predict its next moves.

What do I mean by that? 

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Is Gold an Investment? as published in InsideNova.com

Let’s get right to it. For my money, gold is not an investment; it’s speculation.

When you invest, you purchase a slice of human enterprise – a business or public work – or you’re lending your capital to the same. The success or failure of your stock purchase or bond loan is related to whether that enterprise profitably produces something of value to the world.

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The Alphabet Soup of Financial Advice: Part IV - Advisor Fees

No series on becoming an educated consumer of financial advice would be complete without discussing the multiple ways your advisor can be paid.

Why does it matter? First, you want to make sure the advice is adding more value than it’s costing you. You also want to avoid arrangements that pit your advisor’s incentives against your own best interests.

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The Alphabet Soup of Financial Advice: Part III

In our ongoing “Alphabet Soup of Financial Advice” series, we’ve been exploring best practices for finding a financial advisor. Today let’s discuss financial credentials – or those puzzling professional designations at the end of advisors’ names.

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What Investors Learned From the 2016 Presidential Election

Although it’s year-end, I’m not going to take this opportunity to discuss the historical 2016 investment market performance. We’ll save that for January. Instead I want to comment on one of the most powerful lessons investors can learn from the 2016 presidential election. It is this:

Predicting is NOT investing. (It’s speculating.)

Now, to some supporting statements on that.

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Post-Election Wrap Up

Whether you're feeling elated, deflated or mostly just jaded about what just happened in the U.S. elections, we wanted to reach out to you with a few thoughts related to the "What's next?" that may be on your mind.

To say the least, there are more than enough political analyses available from even a single Google search, so we won't enter into that fray ourselves. If you don't yet have your own preferred informational source, we find that RealClearPolitics.com offers a relatively objective, bipartisan presentation of the news on that front.

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